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How To Choose Timeless, Practical, And Feminine Nursing-Friendly Dresses

Mom and little boys in matching feminine nursing-friendly dress and bow ties


Motherhood is a beautiful season, but you must admit it can be overwhelming too. There are a lot of changes you have to navigate. This includes a radically changing body, a busy schedule, and the immense responsibility of caring for a baby. 

When you’re also breastfeeding, this can mean a fresh wardrobe too. A new mom may breastfeed between 20 minutes to two hours per session, so functional clothes that make breastfeeding easy and comfortable are essential.  

That doesn’t mean you should sacrifice style, though. After all, feeling good about yourself is very important in this new life season. 

Finding nursing-friendly clothes with everything you’re looking for—style, comfort, and practicality, may not be easy, but it’s possible. 

You just need help. We’re happy to do that through this blog post.


Step 1: Always look for the 5 must-have nursing-friendly dress features 

Mom breastfeeding baby boy through hidden zipper of feminine nursing-friendly dress


First, let’s settle on what features you need to look for in a stylish, comfortable, and practical nursing-friendly dress. We have five, and we’ll enumerate them below. 

1. Easy nursing access


A baby may ask to be fed anytime, anywhere, so it’s a must-have feature if you want your breastfeeding journey to be easier and more comfortable. We suggest looking for discrete designs that allow you to feed your baby confidently in public places without a cover. 

These can be hidden nursing zippers or functioning buttons that are thoughtfully embedded into the design. These features don’t interfere with the look yet provide access and privacy during breastfeeding sessions.  

2. Adjustable fit


A woman’s body size and shape change throughout and even beyond the pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding. So look for nursing-friendly dresses you can wear throughout these phases. This can be a design with a relaxed fit, a smocked bodice, or a removable belt that accommodates a baby bump and fluid body shape. 

3. Pockets 


We seriously think all dresses should include pockets. They keep your busy hands free and your essentials close, which, when we’re honest, is your entire nursery room when you’re a busy mommy. 

4. Flattering silhouette 


Every mom deserves to feel confident and beautiful in nursing-friendly dresses. So look for designs that flatter your body and celebrate your new life season. We’re partial towards fit-and-flare and relaxed fit styles.  

5. Exquisite and long-lasting quality 


Updating your wardrobe with nursing-friendly dresses is an investment. So go for styles you can repeatedly wear during your breastfeeding journey and even after. Find exquisitely crafted dresses made with soft and breathable premium fabrics so you can enjoy them longer. Trust us, trends come and go, but excellent quality is forever.

Step 2: Shop for stylish, comfortable, and practical nursing-friendly dresses


Because we’re passionate about making the lives of women, especially moms, easier, we created nursing-friendly dresses that are fun, feminine, flattering, comfortable, and functional. We only use premium fabrics and work with highly-skilled seamstresses to make dresses you’d love to wear now and even pass on to the next generations. 

Every dress we show you below has its advantages, so choose the one that is the most convenient for you. Follow your style and pick a nursing-friendly dress you would love to wear during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and beyond.  

We categorized our nursing-friendly dresses into three groups to make navigating easier for you. We have dresses with nursing zippers, a smocked bodice, and front buttons. 

Are you excited to know each one of them?   

Nursing-friendly dresses with nursing zippers 


Woman in feminine nursing-friendly dress with wildflowers print
Woman opening hidden zipper in her pink peonies feminine nursing-friendly dress
Woman nursing her baby through a hidden zipper of her nursing-friendly dress

Of all the signature features of a Mome dress, the hidden nursing zippers are the one we’re most excited about. We disguised them as bust darts, so they don’t interfere with the design. As a result, you get to wear elegantly styled dresses and breastfeed your baby easily and discreetly. 

All the dresses you’ll find in this section have the option to add hidden nursing zippers. But, of course, if you’re not a breastfeeding momma, you can go for the version without the zippers too. 

1. Sweet Garden Collection 


Beautiful, comfortable, and unique as you are. Dresses from the Sweet Garden Collection are made to order, using premium cotton fabrics with delicate watercolor floral and botanical prints, making them perfect for a fun frolic in the gardens. The best part? They’re customizable. Just choose a style, length, and fabric, and you have a dress as sweet as you. 

2. Jesmine Dress 


Lovely and versatile. Its pastel pink color, delicate daisies embroidered all over, hidden zippers, and smocked bodice are not the only good things about this nursing-friendly dress. It’s that you can wear it in multiple ways too. You can put sleeves on or off the shoulders, wear the waist belt at the front, back, or without, or use it as a headband.

3. Wisteria Dress


Light and dreamy. Its creamy fabric base, floral and botanical embroidery, puff sleeves, and light materials almost make you think it’s for a fairy. Then the smocked back and nursing zippers remind you they’re made for breastfeeding moms. 

4. Floral Charita  


Bow-tiful! With its mini length, watercolor floral prints, white lace trim, and matching bow, it’s a beautiful nursing-friendly dress to wear while going on a relaxed afternoon stroll with the baby. 

5. Charita 


This baby blue mini dress is reminiscent of Cinderella’s ball gown. Ideally worn for afternoon coffee with the girls or for a trip to your inner child’s dream place: Disneyland.  

6. Alyssa Dress 


Looks can be deceiving. This dress may look delicate with its lace mesh and pearl embellishments, but it has all the functional features expected from a Mome nursing-friendly dress—hidden zippers and pockets! Perfect for weddings and formal functions you will attend with your breastfed baby. 

7. Everyday Dress 


How everyday nursing-friendly dresses should be. Made with soft cotton in cool colors and plaid patterns, it’s a picture of comfort. Paired with the right accessories, it’s stylish enough for work and occasional lunches out and simple enough for the daily grind of motherhood.




Nursing-friendly dresses with a smocked bodice


Mother and baby girl wearing matching mommy and me dress nursing-friendly while swinging
Mom and little girl posing in the garden wearing their matching mommy and me white jumpsuits nursing-friendly

When you’re at a life season where you dance between sizes, getting a dress with a smocked bodice is practical. It stretches a few inches more, giving room for upsizing and prolonging the use of your treasured dress. So here are the nursing-friendly dresses with a smocked bodice.   

8. Pearl Dress 


For the twirlers and daydreamers. Featuring a dreamy organdy fabric, ruffles, puff sleeves, a pretty back bow, and a full, tiered skirt, it’s perfect for nursing mothers who are inner romantics—and for twirling sessions with your little girls too. 

9. Pearl Jumpsuit


Romance meets function. It is dreamy, thanks to the light organdy fabric and the carefree practicality of the loose pant legs. Perfect for dressy events where moms are likely to nurse and chase after their little ones.




Nursing-friendly dresses with front buttons



Mom and baby wearing matching mommy and me pink dresses nursing-friendly
Pregnant woman wearing a feminine pink nursing-friendly dress with front buttons

Front buttons are the most accessible nursing-friendly feature you can find in clothes. So at Mome, we made buttons the loveliest yet the most practical detail to these nursing dresses.  

10. Richa Dress 


A nursing-friendly dress that doesn’t look like one. The silhouette is youthful and effortlessly chic. The functioning pearl buttons providing breastfeeding access are the cherry on top of this versatile design. 

11. Juliet Dress


Flattering throughout motherhood’s many seasons. The relaxed fit makes it bump-friendly and ultra-comfortable, while the functioning pearl buttons provide nursing access.



Ready to meet your dream nursing-friendly dresses?


We hope this blog post has made you realize that a breastfeeding-friendly dress with all the features you want and need exists. You just need to find the brand that celebrates your style. We hope it’s Mome.