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Our Story

What Makes Mome Special

Mome focuses on making dresses that are beautiful, comfortable, and functional. Feminine print, floral patterns, and sweet lace all adorne the handmade collection to create one-of-a-kind and limited stock pieces.  

All of Mome garments are designed with women, especially moms, in mind. Our dresses are customized for every step of a woman’s life and flatter her changing, beautiful body ~ before, during, and after pregnancy.  No matter your needs, every dress is designed to help you feel the most confident and beautiful. 

We also created dresses with hidden zippers built in near the bust to provide easy access for moms who are nursing or pumping.  The hidden zippers dresses are thoughtfully designed to be worn at any stage in life.

At Mome, we realize that children grow up in the blink of an eye, and for that reason every memory and moment with them is precious. Cherish those moments with your child matching alongside you, as every Mome style comes with a mini version as well!

After this first year in business, we came to discover that many customers also love to customize purchases based on their needs and occasions. They love choosing their own fabrics and customize the dress length. For this reason, we now offer custom orders to help you build your dream dress! It is our joy to turn your vision into unique and beautiful pieces for all of your special occasions. 



Handmade with Love 

At Mome, we believe in quality over quantity. Feel confident that these dresses can be passed down generation to generation, as we create garments of the highest quality to ensure each dress becomes a long-loved piece - still at an affordable price!

Our small batch collections and custom dresses with our fabric selection are designed by Nina and ethically made by highly-skilled seamstresses in Thailand. For our custom dresses with fabrics that customers choose, those dresses are handmade locally in the USA by our seamstresses.

We have chosen our dressmakers carefully to be sure their work practices are in line with our brand and design values - which include utilizing handmade methods including hand cut patterns and fabrics. Taking the extra time to use these methodologies result in garments that are incredibly detailed. Trust us, you will see and feel the love and passion put into every dress. 



Giving Back

Mome is dedicated to giving back to communities. As part of our brand’s vision, each year we will create special collections in collaborations with like-minded people for the purpose of giving back. For each dress bought in that collection, a part of profits will be donated to the charities we love. These charities include non-profit organizations that support moms and kids in Nina’s home country of Thailand, international humanitarian organizations for children, and other local organizations in the USA.  



Behind the Brand

Mome was founded by Nina, a mom entrepreneur with a PhD in cosmetic sciences who is passionate about all things feminine and fashion designs. Her inspiration to create a clothing line for women and children came from her own experiences as a mom. Nina struggled to find beautiful, yet functional dresses in which she could comfortably breastfeed her baby boy and also match with her daughter. As you might have guessed, with this gap in the market and observing similar frustrations and concerns from other mom friends of Nina’s, she decided to create her own dresses that are thoughtfully designed… and thus, Mome was created. 

Today, Mome exists to help women and moms feel beautiful with stylish clothes that compliment their changing bodies, provide easy nursing access, and allow their children to match their beautiful moms. The answer many mothers, including Nina, were looking for!

We are confident that you and your little one will fall in love with the exclusive collections Mome has to offer. Have fun dressing up for yourself and with your children to create spectacular memories that will last a lifetime.


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