The Best Gifts New Moms Will Actually Use and Love
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The Best Gifts New Moms Will Actually Use and Love

Dec 06, 2023

A dear friend is about to welcome a new baby into the world, and you're wondering what to get as a gift for this joyous occasion. You might be overwhelmed with questions like what's the best present I can give a new mom? Does it only have to be useful and practical, or can I get something fancy? She already has everything she needs for the baby; now what? 

Relax. When shopping for a first time mom, whether it's for the holidays, a baby shower, or her birthday, we recommend looking for something to help her feel pampered and make motherhood easier. It sends a message that you value her for the woman she is and support her for the most exciting season of her life yet. 

If you don't know what that looks like, don't worry. We prepared the ultimate holiday gift guide with beautiful, thoughtful, and functional items for new moms that we actually use, love, and swear by.  

1. Mome e-gift card 

mome e-gift card for new moms


If you want to give the gift of choice and present the perfect last-minute gift, an e-gift card is your best and safest bet. You don't have to worry about sizing or shipping. The e-gift card will be sent to your email address, the one you entered at checkout, then you can forward it to your dear recipient and she can instantly start picking out her favorite items. 

When you get her a Mome E-Gift Card, she can use it anytime because it does not expire. You can get one for as low as $25 and as much as $200. 


2. A dress with nursing zippers

dress with nursing zippers

 Want to bring more ease to a breastfeeding mom's life? A dress with nursing zippers is a gift she'd like. At Mome, we disguised our nursing zippers as bust darts, so they don't interfere with the dress' feminine design. Best of all, they take away the hassle of unbuttoning clothes, carrying a nursing cover, or finding a private place where she can breastfeed or pump in peace. This feature allows a breastfeeding mom to show up to special family occasions or random lunches with friends in a way that's true to her style.      

✨Use code GIFTFORMOM15 to enjoy 15% OFF Mome dresses with nursing zippers. 


3. A Postpartum Journey Lux Box from It's a Mom

Lux box for new moms

A collection of elegant pampering items in soft shades of blush, gold and grey.

Curated to give a new mom all of the essentials needed to create a spa retreat at home. A perfectly curated luxury gift box that will help her heal and relax while simultaneously feeling beautiful in the process!

Every mother needs emotional, mental, physical, spiritual validation, support and nourishment. It’s A Mom provides all of that in one box. Spoil her with the upmost elegance and pampering that she needs and deserves!


4. A chic bag 

chic diaper bag

Want to give a stylish and elevated spin to dark and bulky diaper bags? The Petite Isla Bahia Pearl Dune by Pamela Munson is the answer. It's also the perfect match for anyone in love with the grand millennial and coastal grandmother fashion aesthetic. 

The color and style are versatile, and the combination of the pearls and signature knot handle brightens the look. Your lovely new mom friend can bring it to the beach, wear it to school pick-up, or use it as a diaper bag for a quick and easy stroll with the baby at the park. 

5. A bouquet of roses 

roses for new mom


If you need a gift that instantly lights up a new mom's face, a bouquet of gorgeous and sweet-smelling roses is the way. Roses from the Grace Rose Farm come in the most magnificent form, a range of romantic colors, and a lovely fragrance that spreads across the room.

It's a delightful reminder of motherhood's joy and beauty, especially in equally rewarding and exhausting moments, like feeding and lulling the baby to sleep for the nth time in the middle of the night.  

6. A poetry book about motherhood

poetry books about motherhood for the new mom

Have a new mom friend who's an avid reader or a great writer? We can't recommend
Jessica Urlichs’ Early Motherhood Poetry Collection enough. Her sweet, truthful, and touching words cut right through the heart, leaving every mother to feel seen and empowered. It's the perfect bedside accompaniment in the most transformational season of a new mom's life yet. 

Shop Now or Forward This to Someone

Our list of gift ideas is short and sweet. Still, we hope it helps you come up with great ideas and meet new brands perfect for the new mom in your life. Since the holidays can get super busy, we recommend you shop as soon as possible to ensure your presents arrive on time. 

If you're a new mom and found something you like from this list, forward this guide to your family, friends, and partner-in-life. Who knows? On your special day, you might unwrap the gift your heart desires. Wouldn't that be nice?