Mome x Evanjelina & Co.: Behind the Collection
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Mome x Evanjelina & Co.: Behind the Collection

Oct 20, 2022

 Ladies of Evanjelina & Co.


Do you believe you will be rewarded when you do what you love? That’s exactly the case for the ladies behind Evanjelina & Co. It’s a women-owned business founded in 2020 by six talented working women who wanted a creative outlet where they could make beautiful custom-designed fabrics.

In their first years, they have already launched several meaningful fabric collections, partnered with like-minded creatives and organizations worldwide, and grew their business to be well-loved by women who are just as passionate about fashion. All while juggling full-time careers and busy family lives.

Seeing them grow and touch lives warms our hearts. After all, Mome and Evanjelina & Co. have many things in common—love for beautiful dresses, belief in doing what we love, and desire to support other small businesses. 

These shared values drew us together and led us to work with each other—twice.

Collaborating with Evanjelina & Co.


Last year, we partnered with them and Julia Ashley East to bring you a capsule collection of flattering mommy and me pieces featuring a one-of-a-kind printed fabric, the Gardenia. It had botanicals handpicked by Evanjelina & Co. and put together by Julia Ashley East. Our customers loved it so much that we received a lot of sweet feedback. Many even asked if we would ever offer more when it sold out.


Gardenia print from the first Mome x Evanjelina & Co. collaboration


So for our new collection, we used 11 of our favorite custom-designed fabrics by Evanjelina & Co. All featuring delicate hand-painted flowers and fruits and carrying a beautiful backstory. These fabrics add warmth and life to the fresh and feminine silhouettes we created for the new collection. 


11 new dress styles

Knowing Evanjelina & Co.


In honor of our latest collaboration, we’re holding the spotlight for our lovely friends from Evanjelina & Co.  We asked them a few questions so you can see through their hearts and art and understand why we love them so much.

Can you tell us the story of how Evanjelina & Co. started?


Six friends obsessed with fashion and dresses started Evanjelina & Co. We all have day jobs but wanted a creative outlet allowing us to create beautiful things, work with each other, and collaborate with designers and creators around the globe!  

Ladies of Evanjelina & Co.

How has it been since you launched the brand? 


Evanjelina just celebrated our 1st anniversary! We definitely learned a lot about the fashion world; especially in the graphic design, textile, and supply chain industries :)  It is truly a fascinating and complex industry undergoing massive changes due to the pandemic and current economic and geopolitical climates. 

We have created close partnerships with creators and suppliers and made lifelong friends along the way, which is the most beautiful and fun part of the journey! 

This is the second collaboration between Mome and Evanjelina & Co. How was the first partnership experience with Mome?


To be completely honest, the first collaboration started as a crazy idea on a random night. But it resulted in beautifully produced dresses!  We still get so many compliments on that first collection. The first collaboration allowed us to create brand new dress styles for Mome, which was an awesome experience. You should have seen the number of measurements and photos we exchanged :) 

Where did you draw inspiration for the fabric designs of the latest Mome x Evanjelina & Co. collection? 


For the latest collaboration, Nina picked fabrics from several Evanjelina Collections. 

Our Aman Collection, the second in our Jaipur series, was inspired by Mughal motifs. We started working on it last fall but released it right after the Ukraine/Russia war started. We named it “Aman,” which means “peace” in Hindi and “safety” in Kyrgyz. Flowers for the Aman Collection were handpainted by a multi-generational artist from Jaipur, India. A talented graphic designer from Russia transferred these paintings into a digital pattern.  

fabric from the Aman Collection


Nina also picked a print from our Botanical Collection, inspired by antique herbarium paintings. We decided to weave in love poems submitted by our followers. An artist from India handpainted each flower. You will find love poems in multiple languages, including English, Romanian, and Ukrainian. 


fabric from the Botanical Collection



The third collection is our summer drop, Berry Meadows. As the name suggests, we incorporated berries and flowers into this collection. Another artist in India handpainted the design in each pattern. 


Berry meadows fabric


Please visit our Instagram page to learn about our wonderful artists and partners and see behind-the-scenes action. 

How do you balance life between work and family? 


I personally gave up on the word “balance” a long time ago :) 

It is more “work/life integration'' for me. Some days you spend more time working to meet certain commitments and deadlines, some days with family so you don’t miss important life events or care for your sick child, and sometimes on other projects or hobbies that bring you joy. 

Last but not least, what's your favorite Mome dress style 😊? 


Our favorite styles are Lan, Nazira, and Angela :)  

Lan and Angela wearing dresses named after them

Are you excited to see the latest Mome x Evanjelina Collection?


We hope you enjoyed better knowing our friends from Evanjelina & Co. Now, we’re sharing a few reasons you should check out the new collection. 


  1. There are 11 custom-designed fabrics by Evanjelina & Co. you can choose from. The colors and prints are versatile, making them a closet-staple year-round.   

  2. The fabrics are made of 100% premium cotton poplin. They’re luxuriously soft, oh-so-comfortable, and easy-to-care.

  3. We created new flattering dress silhouettes with all the functional features you need. That includes an adjustable fit, pockets, and an easy nursing access option for breastfeeding moms. 

  4. They’re customizable. Choose between knee-length, midi, and maxi for product listing on our website. If you love a dress style but want it in another of our fabrics, you can also create a custom dress by mixing and matching fabrics and dress silhouettes. 

  5. We made mini versions for your little boys and girls. There are dresses, shirts, ties, and more! So dressing up for your family events and celebrations will be much more fun and easier. 


When we created the new collection, we wanted you to feel comfortable and beautiful in every piece. Be it on family photoshoots, gatherings, or special trips. The intention is for our pieces to be well-loved staples of your wardrobe, something you can pass down from generation to generation.