Beautiful mom wearing Versa Everywhere Dress in Evergreen while cradling and breastfeeding her baby outdoors during fall for a newborn photoshoot
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How to find the perfect nursing-friendly dress for different occasions

Nov 17, 2023

When you’re a breastfeeding mom, dressing up for special occasions can be tricky. You want to look beautiful, feel comfortable, breastfeed your baby, and enjoy the event.

Yet, if you stood in front of your closet and felt like nothing ever ticks all the boxes, you’re not alone. In this blog post, we’re sharing tips to help you find the perfect nursing-friendly dress for any occasion. 


Top 5 features of the perfect nursing-friendly dress

In your search for the perfect nursing-friendly dress, look for these features. Trust us, these will make your life as a breastfeeding mom easier. 


1. Breastfeeding access

Beautiful mom wearing the Versa Everywhere Dress and highlighting the breastfeeding access through the nursing zippers

The holy grail we’ve found is hidden zippers disguised as bust darts. They don’t interfere with the design. Plus, they make breastfeeding discreetly super easy, even in public. Just find a comfortable spot, pull your nursing zippers down, and breastfeed your baby. You don’t even need a nursing cover.  


2. Pockets

Your hands are already full with the baby. Look for nursing-friendly dresses with deep pockets to keep your essentials close. This way, you don’t have to dig through your handbag when you need your wallet or smartphone.


3. Adjustable fit

Your body, after pregnancy, goes through many changes. We suggest nursing-friendly dresses with stretchy back, removable belt, or relaxed fit. With these features, you can customize the fit and wear the dress even when moving between sizes.


4. Comfortable fabric

A pretty but uncomfortable nursing-friendly dress won’t do. Look for something that feels good on the skin, too. We recommend 100% premium cotton and linen cotton blend fabrics. They’re easy to care for and feel soft, even to your baby’s delicate skin.


5. High-quality craftsmanship and thoughtful design

Invest in a well-made nursing-friendly dress with a design you’ll love to wear long after your breastfeeding journey ends.


Nursing-friendly dresses for different occasions

Now that you know the must-have features, let's dive into the perfect nursing-friendly dresses for any special occasion.


For family, newborn, or breastfeeding photoshoots

Photoshoots are an excellent way to cherish a precious time in your family’s life. For best results, you need to look and feel your best. The wrong outfit and a hungry baby can make your photo session complicated.

Our dresses have nursing zippers so moms can breastfeed discreetly. It makes documenting the bond between you and your child simple and easy. 

For photoshoots with a classic neutral or floral theme, the Versa Everywhere Dress with Nursing Zippers in Harvest Blooms is exquisite. The Kanya Maxi Dress with Nursing Zippers in Evergreen is the dress for your family photo shoot this fall or the holidays. 


For weddings

If you’re bringing your breastfed baby to the wedding, wear an elegant nursing-friendly dress that allows you to move, dance, and breastfeed with ease. Doing so minimizes the chance of you missing highlights like the vows or first dance. With hidden nursing zippers on our dresses, you don’t have to rush to a private spot whenever the baby needs to be fed.

Versa Everywhere Dress with Nursing Zippers in Black

Whether you’re attending as a bridesmaid or guest, the Versa Everywhere Dress with Nursing Zippers in Purple or Black is your best bet. 


For family travels

When you’re traveling with your breastfed baby in tow, you want your family trips to go as smoothly as it can go. It's important to pack nursing-friendly dresses that suit the climate, itinerary, and your style.

Mome’s nursing-friendly dresses have a flattering silhouette, enough coverage, and hidden nursing zippers. You can travel in style, breastfeed anywhere — on the plane or in restaurants,  without leaving you exposed. 

Versa Everywhere Dress with Nursing Zippers in Purple

The Versa Everywhere Dress with Nursing Zippers in Purple  and Kanya Ruffle Dress with Nursing Zippers in Purple are fantastic for their style and versatility. Wear either as is on your holidays in the tropics, or layer with a jacket or coat in colder places.

For work

Returning to work as a breastfeeding and pumping mom can be challenging. You have to perform at work, carve out pumping time, carry pumping equipment, and ensure you have enough milk supply. 

Fret not. Mome offers feminine yet professional-looking nursing-friendly dresses that make pumping a breeze. With the hidden nursing zippers in our dresses, you can pump without removing layers of clothing. Simply pull the nursing zippers down and attach pump parts to your breast.   

All Day Dress with Nursing Zippers in Black

All Day Dress with Nursing Zippers in Black

The All Day Dress with Nursing Zippers in Black is perfect as a breastfeeding and pumping mom’s work outfit. 


Ready to find the perfect nursing-friendly dress for you?

Finding the perfect nursing-friendly dress for different occasions can be tricky at first. With these tips and dress recommendations, we hope you find the search simpler.

If you have a special occasion right around the corner, we head to our latest collection.




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