Woman breastfeeding her baby while sitting on a rocking chair and wearing a nusring-friendly dress with nursing zippers
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Self-care isn't selfish: Must-have self-care products for new moms

Oct 09, 2023

As a new mom, you’ve probably heard of the pre-flight safety reminder: put your oxygen mask first. It means you need to take care of yourself first before others. In 21st-century language, we call it self-care. But practicing self-care can be challenging when you care for a newborn who relies on you for everything. 

In between diaper changes, breastfeeding sessions, and Mommy-if-you-move-i’m-going-to-wake-and-cry cuddles, do you really have time to sit down for a hot meal, take a shower, or guzzle down at least 16 glasses of water?

We know the mom guilt is strong, but we’re here to remind you that self-care isn’t selfish


Why self–care is important for new moms

Practicing self-care is essential for anyone, especially new moms. Mothers are conditioned to put everyone’s needs before theirs, which is the opposite of self-care. On top of that, there’s constant pressure to be a perfect mother. 

A study surveying women in the United Kingdom and the United States revealed feeling pressure to be a perfect mother is related to parental burnout. It’s a condition characterized by emotional exhaustion, emotional distancing from children, and feelings of inadequacy as a parent. 

It turns out that when you only give, give, give, it will adversely affect yourself and the kids. 

Meanwhile, self-care brings a lot of benefits.  By nurturing your health and well-being, you enjoy life better, achieve your goals more, and face life’s challenges stronger. 


Highly recommended self-care products for new moms 

Self-care can look different for everyone. No matter where you are in your motherhood and self-care journey, it’s always important to return to basics. 

That means getting adequate sleep, eating a nourishing meal, hydrating when breastfeeding, taking care of hygiene and physical appearance, and taking a break for activities you enjoy outside parenting. 

With the responsibility of caring for a newborn 24/7, it seems impossible to do it all alone. This is why we highly recommend asking for help and using self-care products that help moms with their daily needs. 

Like wearing Mome dresses and using an EasyJug water bottle.  


Mome: a new mom’s nursing-friendly dress and self-care bestie

Woman breastfeeding her baby while wearing Versa Everywhere Dress with Nursing Zippers in Harvest Blooms (ready-to-ship)

Dressing up daily, even at home, is also an act of self-care. What you choose to wear makes a difference. A study shows that mood improves when you feel good about your clothes. You also cope with the demands of motherhood and care for your baby better. 

At Mome, we know firsthand the joys and challenges of motherhood. That’s why we offer a range of premium dresses that make moms feel confident and beautiful and their motherhood and breastfeeding journey easier. 


EasyJug: a breastfeeding mom’s hands-free water bottle and self-care partner

Woman breastfeeding while sipping water from the long straw of the EasyJug water bottle

When you’re breastfeeding, hydration should be a priority. After all, breast milk is 80-90% water. With milk production, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recommends breastfeeding mothers drink about 16 cups of water daily. 

But when your hands are full, literally and figuratively, it could be a challenge. The good news: help is here.  

EasyJug is a hands-free breastfeeding water jug with a long straw. With a 2.2-L capacity and a 47-inch straw, it helps new moms drink water hands-free in any breastfeeding position, including lying down. 

It’s a great self-care product that shares Mome’s mission of supporting moms. When we had the wonderful opportunity to speak with EasyJug founder Deirdra, we discovered how our brands have so much in common. 

Much like Mome’s, their story was born from a need for a product to make breastfeeding easier. After seeing our dream self-care product for moms wasn’t available in the market, we set out to create them and made it our mission to support new mommies. 

As for EasyJug, their thoughtful design has mothers calling it a “lifesaver” and “the best thing I’ve had postpartum.”

So, if you’re a breastfeeding mom who knows you need to drink more water but having to refill many times and lug your bottle around seems like another weight on your shoulder, SHOP EasyJug and make proper hydration part of your self-care practice.  

Use code momebrand10 to enjoy 10% off your EasyJug purchase.