Product Questions

Where are Mome products made from?

  • Our small-batch collections are designed by Nina in Seattle, WA, and ethically handmade by highly-skilled seamstresses in Thailand. We carefully choose our dressmakers to ensure their work practices align with our brand and design values. We prioritize quality and longevity, making our dresses ideal to be passed down through generations. You will be able to see and feel the love and passion we put into every dress.

What are Mome products made of?

  • We take great care in crafting our products with high-quality materials. Our products are mostly made using premium natural fabric such as 100% cotton, linen-cotton blend, which provides a soft and natural feel to the touch.
  • We also understand that busy moms need convenience and practicality, which is why we have carefully selected fabrics that are not only easy to care for but also wrinkle-resistant, making them the perfect addition to your busy schedule.

How do I wash my Mome dresses?

  • Most of Mome dresses are made of natural fabrics. To keep it looking its best, simply machine wash it on a cold setting, hang it to dry, or tumble dry it on low, and cold iron if needed.

Why do you price products the way you do?

  • We understand that our dresses might not be the most affordable option out there, but we take pride in their handcrafted quality, custom prints, and premium materials. It's also important for us to pay our seamstresses a fair wage for their hard work. 
  • To help you save, we offer a first-order discount when you sign up for our emails, one-of-a-kind collections with special prices for our email subscribers, a final sale products with reduced prices, and convenient payment options like Shop Pay and After Pay allowing you to buy now and pay later in convenient installments. We're committed to making our dresses more accessible without compromising on quality. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions – we appreciate your support!

What dress style is suitable for work?

  • Returning to work as a breastfeeding and pumping mom can also present wardrobe challenges. Fret not. There are feminine yet professional-looking styles that make pumping sessions a breeze, too.
  • An exceptional example is the All Day Dress in Black

What dress style is appropriate to wear as a wedding guest?

  • Consider the dress code first. If formal, choose a long or maxi dress. Otherwise, a cocktail or knee-length dress is perfect. In any case, wear a dress that exudes elegance and allows you to move and dance.
  • Whether you’re attending as a bridesmaid or guest, the Versa Dress in Purple or Black is your best bet.

What dress style is good for special occasions?

  • When you’re a breastfeeding mom, dressing up for special occasions can be tricky. You want to look beautiful, feel comfortable, breastfeed your baby, and enjoy the event.
  • We’re sharing tips to help you find the perfect nursing-friendly dress for special occasions in the blog. Read here

What dress style is the most versatile?

  • The Versa Everywhere Dress is highly recommended and one of our best-sellers. Its comfortable waist and perfectly gathered skirt make it an ideal choice for postpartum bodies, offering both style and comfort. Additionally, the nursing zippers, pockets, subtle puff sleeves, and premium natural fabric make it the most functional option. You can easily dress it up or down; simply adding a layer like a jacket makes it a great choice for a perfect family trip. Its classic colors are excellent options for photoshoots and any special occasions. Whether you want to care for your little ones at home or drop off your older child at school, this dress is also your best choice.

Sizing Questions

What size of Mome dress should I get?

Help us save the planet for our children and reduce unnecessary shipping. Be sure to review the size guides below to make sure you select the right size.

  • It's advised to refer to the specific size chart provided on each product page, which shows actual measurements for each dress style (before any stretch). Do not rely solely on your pre-pregnancy measurements, as they cannot accurately predict the size you will need postpartum.
  • We recommend selecting a size that matches the measurement of the fullest part of your bust. This will result in a more flattering fit for your bust area while allowing some room around your waist. Watch this video demonstrating how to measure your bust for a perfect fit.
  • Most of our dresses are designed with postpartum bodies in mind; therefore, the waist is intentionally made larger than that of most dresses on the market. This design enhances comfort for your daily activities, including caring for your little ones, and even accommodating a hearty meal.
  • If you're unsure about which size to choose, please email us at 

    Other Questions

    Why would I choose dresses with nursing zippers when there are other dress styles, like dresses with a smocked bodice or button front, that are also nursing-friendly?

    • Our dresses with nursing zippers are specifically designed with a discreet zipper opening, making it easy and convenient to breastfeed your baby. This means you can nurse your baby anywhere, anytime, without the need to find a private place to undress or worry about exposing too much skin.
    • In contrast, smocked dresses may not provide adequate coverage for nursing moms, potentially exposing more of your chest than you're comfortable with. This can make it challenging for mothers to feel at ease while breastfeeding in public, which, in turn, may limit their ability to fully enjoy their daily activities.

    Can I wear the dresses with nursing zippers after I stop breastfeeding?

    • Yes. That is our intention when we create Mome dresses with hidden nursing zippers. The zippers are thoughtfully designed and disguised as bust darts so they won't interfere with the look of the dress.
    • You will be able to wear Mome dresses at any stage in life.

    Can you let us know more about Mome and your mission?

    • We’re committed to supporting women on their motherhood journey by helping them feel beautiful and confident with carefully designed, quality clothing that fits the needs of on-the-go women who don’t want to sacrifice style for function.

    I am not a mom. Can I still wear your dress?

    • Yes, absolutely! Our dresses are well-loved by all women - moms or not moms. We have many customers who are not moms and just love our dress designs.
    • Some of our dress styles have two options - with and without nursing zippers. So, you can also order the dress in a regular version